All of my lighting fixtures are unique, one-of-a-kind works of art. Special care must be taken when handling these fixtures as they are works of art and many have complex parts/pieces that make up the fixture.



Each piece is hand-made, well crafted, and made to be functional as a lamp or candleholder.  Nonetheless, some lamp and candleholder components/parts are fragile and some pieces contain very sharp materials, such as barbed wire.  The descriptions of the fixtures are purposefully very detailed so the buyer is aware of fixtures that might need special placement to avoid accident or injury.

Each buyer of an art piece from Christopher White Design is 100% responsible for the safe use of the lighting fixture. Any damage or injuries resulting from the misuse, mishandling, or general use of the artwork, is entirely the buyer’s responsibility.



Any and all Written and visual material appearing anywhere on this site are the sole property of it's respective owners.  And should not be construed as an endorsement of any kind. Unless otherwise noted. Any inquiries can be made through the            page.


Payment can be made through the PayPal link under each description. If other payment arrangements are desired, please contact me through the                   page.

Please consider the shipping costs for each piece (details below under “Shipping”) when making your payment.



Light bulbs and candles are included with fixture(s) only where it is specifically stated. Replacement bulbs are available for some of the fixtures, but not all. Contact me for bulb replacement issues or for information on sources for replacement of specialty bulbs.



All fixtures with dimmers will only take incandescent bulbs not LED. Any use of an LED bulb with a fixture equipped with an incandescent-dimmer will cause damage and void any repair/replacement of that fixture. Please use only incandescent bulbs with pieces that have dimmers.


As better dimmable LED sockets become more readily available, I will make dimmable LED sockets and switches available.



Please contact me for shipping information and shipping preferences before you buy any fixtures. All Fixtures will generally ship within one week of confirmed purchase. Shipping rates will vary depending on carrier, method, location, and timing. All Christopher White Design fixtures are shipped fully insured.


In the unlikely event that your piece is damaged in shipping, I will either repair it without charge or offer you a full refund.  Please contact me within seven days from receipt of the Christopher White Design fixture(s) and return the artwork to me within the next 7 days. Buyers are responsible for the timely return. Depending on the circumstances, reimbursement may be available for the return shipping costs. Please photograph any damage to the fixture and as well as any damage to the shipping container (box).

Christopher White Design