Christopher White


Fine Art Lighting Design


Orpheus - A Diesel Punk Table Lamp

Diesel Punk Table Lamp

I harbour all the same worries as most
The temptations to leave or to give up the ghost
I wrestle with an outlook on life
That shifts between darkness and shadowy light

                                          - David Sylvian

Post Modern Table Lamp Pair

For time has imprisoned us
In the order of our years
In the discipline of our ways
And in the passing of momentary stillness

                    -Lisa Gerrard & Brendan Perry

Passing of Momentary Stillness - Post Modern Table lamp pair
Lost in Tomorrow - Machine Age Accent Lamp Pair

Machine Age Accent Lamp Pair

Perhaps you should have taken another road

Well, get some rest.

Think about the Fall.

Start again tomorrow


Post Modern Table Lamp

Take a chance and join the dance
And you can make the sound
Take a chance and join the dance
And we can go to ground
Go to ground
And I don't care who you are
Just sign the line and away you fly


Sign Post to the Sun - Post Modern Table lamp
The Sins of Our Fathers - Post Industrial Accent Lamp

Post Industrial Accent Lamp

Our fathers sinned, and are no more; It is we who have borne their iniquities.

                       -Lamentations 5:7

Post Industrial Candle Stick

I open the book on the seven ages of man. Which age? Should I pick one at random? Is it Ice, stone, a metal or space? I rather fancy copper or iron. I won't pick space. I don't think I'll like how it ends.


Shadows Of Ourselves - Post Modern Candle Stick pair

Machine Age Candle Stick Pair

Turn to nasty now
The dark cell
The pit of my soul
The last one out of the box
The one who broke this spell


Age of Man - Post Industrial Candle Stick

Post Modern Candle Stick Pair

Lost in a world totally strange
What is the reason for all these lies
We don't have the right to withdraw anymore
I do not have time to panic
To save us from ourselves

              -Rob Garza & Eric Hilton

Little By Little - Machine Age Candle Stick Pair
Relics From the Near Future #1 - Post Modern Candle Stick Pair

Post Modern Candle Stick Pair

John Francis Dooley
Wipe the sleep from your eyes
And embrace the light
You have slept now
For a thousand years
Beneath starless nights

                       -Lisa Gerrard & Brendan Perry

Machine Age Candle Stick

Abandoned, lost or just ignored. Visions from a future never fully realized. Just another utopia gathering dust, home to the indifferent.


Wreckage From Time - Machine Age Candle Stick
Stains on the Memory

Diesel Punk Table Lamp Pair

Dropping through sky
Through the glass of the roof
Through the roof of your mouth
Through the mouth of your eye
Through the eye of the needle
It's easier for me to get closer to Heaven
Than ever feel whole again


Boris Williams, Laurence Andrew Tolhurst, Porl Thompson, Robert James Smith, Roger O'donnell, Simon Gallup

The Ruins of Them

Post Industrial Pillar Candle Holder

Worn from the age. Still I hold you up, Suspended in light. Must it return to where it came? Not all things are ready to be done, back to dust. We are not the master of all. Even if it is our time.


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